Turn small talk with strangers into business opportunities

Business Entrepreneurship
“What do you do?” is a common small talk conversation starter. It’s important to come across as curious and intrigued while also figuring out how they can assist your business ventures. (Photo courtesy of Pressmaster on Pexels)

You never know what might come from a conversation with a stranger. Whether it’s a potential customer, employer, investor, etc., you can always turn small talk into a business opportunity. Just follow the three C’s:

Compliment: After you gather basic information about their professional background, start the conversation with subtle compliments about their work or field.

Connect: Once you have figured out what role this person could play in your professional life, connect on LinkedIn and if comfortable, exchange emails so you can stay in touch.

Conceive: Finally, put together a plan detailing the potential business collaboration and next steps. 

Sarah Wynn Benton, The Atlanta 100