Rooms with a boo: Check into these haunted hotels

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Her fiancé died as she was getting ready for her wedding in the bridal suite at The Partridge Inn in Augusta, Georgia. Emily still roams the halls in her wedding gown. (Photo courtesy of The Partridge Inn)

Footsteps in empty hallways, ghostly apparitions, lights flickering on and off and things that go bump in the nights. We’ve all heard these stories about paranormal activities in possibly haunted hotels. How about a ghost that crawls into bed and spoons with you?

People react in opposite ways. They freak out and flee, or they book rooms known to be haunted – like the Abigail Room at the Union Station Hotel in Nashville or Room 932 of Hotel Bethlehem in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

What would you do? Read these troubling tales of haunted hotels before you decide. If you dare.

– Jan Schroder, The Travel 100