How the Cygnet saved Aston Martin

Photo via Aston Martin.

Automaker fleets now have to average 40mpg by 2026. That might be doable for Ford and Chevy, but what about Aston Martin – purveyors of the world’s finest (and rather thirsty) V12 grand touring cars?

Aston face the same issue in 2011 with rising EU emissions standards, and their solution was tongue-in-cheek brilliance: buy up some Toyota iQs that get 37mpg, fill them with alcantara, and slap Aston Martin on the back. Thus, the Cygnet was born.

So, if you lived in the UK from 2011-2013 you could buy a brand new Aston Martin – the lightest Aston ever – for just 31,000 pounds.

Chris Butsch, Contributor