Here’s why Ferrari won’t sell you a car (even if you’re a billionaire)

Part of the reason limited-run Ferraris like the Daytona SP3 sell out instantaneously is because Ferrari chooses its buyers – and you can’t really say no. (Photo courtesy of Prova MO, via Wikimedia Commons)

If you win the Powerball tomorrow, you can buy the Lamborghini, McLaren or Bentley of your choice, but not a Ferrari.

That’s because Ferrari, like Rolex, handpicks buyers of its new products. You’ll typically need to own several pre-owned Ferraris before buying a new one and own several new ones before buying a limited-run model like the LaFerrari.

Oh, and like Justin Bieber and the Kardashians, you’ll be blacklisted if you’ve ever:

Customized or sold your Ferrari without permission.

Missed an invite-only Ferrari event.

Owned a Lamborghini.

So be sure to buy your Lamborghini Revuelto after your Ferrari Daytona SP3.

Chris Butsch, Contributor