Auto refinancing for the ages

More than 80% of all auto loans originate at the dealership – a statistic that has more than half of all vehicle owners overpaying on their interest rates. Gaya’s technology solution is geared toward putting more consumers in the driver’s seat and helping them to save money – on average $100 per month – by refinancing. (Photo courtesy of Why Kei for Unsplash)

Keen on reducing pricey auto loan payments in these inflationary times? Enter Gaya – designed to put consumers in the driver’s seat when it comes to their finances.

Co-founders Carl Ziade and Jean-Pierre Vertil were pursuing MBAs at Stanford when they encountered a troubling statistic: 50% of all auto loans are overpriced. Still, the average consumer is quick to hit the brakes when it comes to refinancing. 

Created to expand the financial reach of insurance companies like RIGHTSURE, Gaya helps agents to go the extra mile by reducing both interest rates and monthly payments.

Why wait? Refinance the easy way, today.

– Jeff Arnold, The Arizona 100