The 100 Companies empowers businesses with AI-powered press release platform

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Introducing The Business 100, an AI-powered software solution that is able to write and distribute your press releases to our 300 websites.

Atlanta, GA – April 1, 2024 – The 100 Companies, an innovative leader in concise hyperlocal and national content distribution, announces the launch of its innovative press release platform, The Business 100. This user-friendly tool empowers businesses of all sizes to craft and distribute targeted press releases, reaching their ideal audiences across the U.S.

The platform offers two distinct options for creating press releases:

Manual creation: Businesses can draft their own compelling press releases using a streamlined interface.

AI-Powered assistance: Utilize the platform’s cutting-edge AI technology to generate a draft press release based on provided information, saving valuable time and resources.

Once a press release is finalized, businesses can leverage The 100 Companies’ extensive network of over 300 Google News certified websites and two dozen newsletters. This expansive reach allows for targeted distribution, ensuring press releases reach the most relevant audiences across various geographic locations.

“We understand the importance of effective communication in today’s competitive business environment,” said Chris Schroder, founder and CEO of The 100 Companies. “Our new platform streamlines the press release process, making it easier and more affordable for businesses to share their stories with the communities they serve. And if your business works with a PR firm, the agency can also use The Business 100 to streamline their writing process and expand their clients’ reach.”

The platform offers flexible pricing based on the chosen market and website traffic, ensuring cost effectiveness for businesses of all budget sizes. Prices range from $5 to $500.

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About The 100 Companies

The 100 Companies is a leading provider of hyperlocal content distribution services. With a network of over 300 Google News certified websites, the company offers businesses a powerful platform to connect with targeted audiences across the U.S. The company’s innovative solutions empower businesses to share their stories, build brand awareness, and drive meaningful results.

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