6 ways to improve employee mental wellbeing and satisfaction

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As work consumes a large chunk of many people’s lives, a healthy and positive work environment is vital for employee mental health, and businesses’ success. 

In the age of the Great Resignation, retaining quality employees and maintaining a safe, healthy and positive work environment is crucial today. Luckily, more companies are now bringing mental health to the forefront of company culture. 

As an employer, here are six ways business to bolster your employees’ mental wellbeing and satisfaction: 

1. Reward hard work. 

2. Break the stigma around mental health – talk about it.  

3. Build a trust-based, two-way relationship. 

4. Encourage workers to take daily mini-breaks. 

5. Nurture a work-life balance.

6. Offer good health coverage. 

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Jeff Arnold, The Arizona 100