2023 Nissan Z Review: Not the Car I Expected

Under the weight of staggering expectations, the Z arrives with a refreshingly playful personality. It’s the rare sports car that’s truly a joy to drive at all speeds. (Photo: Grant Lewis Films)

No car in recent memory has arrived with such high expectations. The new Z doesn’t just represent the newest iteration of a Japanese icon tracing back to 1969 – it embodies the return of Nissan to the high performance arena.

For that reason, I expected a more serious, buttoned-down track weapon. Something to rival Toyota’s no nonsense Supra. Instead, we got something playful, fun, spry – a car that’s less Daniel Day-Lewis and more Ryan Reynolds. It can play a serious role, sure, but it’s also happy just goofing around.

The Z is playful at all speeds. Miata-like. And I love it.

– Chris Butsch, Contributor